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What does it mean to love when your spouse stops attending church and your kids follow suit? Love does not make everything fall into place, it does not clarify the situation nor print out out a definitive answer. In many cases, love makes things harder and more complicated.

Love swallows up petty anxieties for our reputation and self-image, and it disarms deeper fears for the fate of our families and relationships. Love urges us to trust in the goodness of creation and in the promise of new growth that is built into the architecture of time. Love gently quiets our desperate searching and doing, and urges us to rest in the grace of being. My mother, on this as on so many other questions, has given me a powerful example.

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Twenty-eight years ago my parents lost their young son, my brother Jacob, to cancer. Her belief in the gospel was intense—her faith is what brought her, just barely, through the grief of burying a child—and it led her to conclude that the only way she would attain the desire of her heart, to rejoice in the bosom of all of her children together, was to gather each safely to the celestial kingdom where Jacob waited.

It was a fearful strain on her already-staggering heart to watch her children, now passing through adolescence one after the other, with the secret fear that she would not succeed in shepherding each to spiritual safety. The loss of one would mean the loss of the whole. Let me be clear that she never held this fear over our heads to manipulate or induce guilt. She carried the burden of this anxiety within herself, and it exacted a steep emotional toll.

For my mother, especially, there have been wrenching readjustments, even though her commitment to Christian and to the gospel have never wavered. Where once there was brittle anxiety about ultimate questions, there is now a supple peace—even though worries about the present remain. A growing trust in the Savior and in his power to save her children has sustained her. Love neutralized the fear. Elder Uchtdorf preached powerfully on this topic :. Fear not.

Trust in the capacity of the gospel to comprehend all things. Trust in your own capacity to love bigger and farther. Trust that time is generous with its gifts. Trust that the Lord is on the side of relationships. He will care for yours. Letters to a Young Mormon , Adam Miller. Planted , Patrick Mason. A Reason for Faith , ed. Laura Harris Hales. Women at Church , Neylan McBaine. Gospel topic essays at lds. Mormon Scholars Testify.

Book of Mormon Central. Really good stuff. Great essay. That lack of a willingness to even assume good motivation is extremely destructive. It was never well held, despite the lip service we always gave it. Losing that leads to conflict. The only way to get it back is to love others. Fantastic essay and some very useful metaphors. These are legitimate feelings. Although counter-cultural for many of us maybe men even more than women? The other is that expectations can run both ways. Those of us in fragile faith or faith crisis can easily project a demand that the other, the listener, agree or come along or walk the road.

I believe that it is usually not intentional or conscious, however clearly projected. Wow, the idea that Mormon truth is relative rears its erroneous head yet again on this blog. The uncertainty narrative is like a drug among the intellectual believers.

I’ll Walk Beside You

Sorry, Rosalynde, but what Mormon leaders claim to be truth is far, far from relative. Of course the stances of LDS leaders on some issues have evolved over time. But the direction in which they have evolved is quite clear. Evolution of belief does not many anything goes. One also learns that it will always be the case that there are folks who are smarter than us, more loving than us, more plagued by tragedy than us, and closer to God than us who remain staunch, faithful members of the Church and some who have left the Church.

This makes things messy. But failing to recognize that messiness and the falseness of our assumptions about folks in or out of the Church, is one of the blinders that not only holds us back in our relationships, but also in our spiritual development. Dan, earnest question. This is outstanding, Rosalynde. Yes, Clark.

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I fully own up to everything I have written. There is nothing relative about Mormonism. This is complete and utter nonsense believed only by intellectual believers with severe cognitive dissonance. You always have to be right. Brava, Rosalynde. Thank you for addressing such a difficult and important issue with such depth and careful consideration.

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It is sad that what you clearly describe as Christlike empathy has been confused by some as relativism. I guess not. To the portion you quoted I think what Rosalynde is saying is that those things are complex. For instance does the Church believe that homosexuality is just a choice? Elder Oaks and Elder Packer for instance clearly had different views.

I'll Walk Beside You

To always needing a response, I think that is a weakness of mine. I attempt to respond even when I should realize the futility of engaging. What can we do when individuals lose trust in Joseph Smith, and begin to feel like veneration for him is like continuing to honor and respect bill Cosby, herman Cain, or Jimmy swagart? Many scholars do not agree with Brian Hales that the polyandry was non sexual which brings up the huge problem of following a religion started by a man that may have had many adulteries sex with women married to other men without consent of Emma or husbands.

So in preserving a modicum of faith for the doubter by accommodating contemporary secular perspectives, we not only change the faith of the traditional faithful, but we move their faith to mirror that of the doubter. The marginal faith adjustment of course continues as the next group of doubters who would have previously just left the church altogether remains, but now the doubters faith is adjusted to accommodate what would have previously been the defector.

Is that a good thing? I remain unconvicted and skeptical of the contemporary way. I think both you and Rosalynde make a valuable point. Why should Latter-day Saints, with such a tradition of questioning, suggest that doubt is such an egregious sin?

I'll Walk With You — blaire ostler

Companies in the Philippines need to avoid the trap of falling into this zero-sum game. If ever your senior leadership or your HR team is tempted to do so, you need to remember a few simple facts: Your company is not Google, Facebook, or Airbnb. Unless you are printing money, you need to distinguish your company not through perks, but through your culture. Through this perspective, your goal no longer becomes amassing random perks, but on building your culture.

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Though some view culture-building as a difficult, ambiguous activity, defining what you stand for can be as easy as a walk in the park. At Sprout, the company I founded in , I had a meeting with a potential client during our first year of operations. Realising the value of casual, catch-up conversation, I began to walk employees out at the end of the day, and everyone followed suit. Handcrafted in Spain. Details Insurance included Yes.


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