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The Leftovers (TV series) - Wikipedia

How much have things improved since the 80s? The answer is as obvious as it is infuriating: not much. Sound serious? You bet it is. In the best tradition of political comedy, Demers uses humour as a pointed weapon, cutting through decades of bullshit into the core of malaise, and the many questions it raises.

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Cursing the darkness and lighting a candle, Leftovers makes us laugh through gritted teeth while shaking our fists at the neoliberal order. Their work is preoccupied with questions of difference, power and belonging.

The Leftovers

They also like to make people laugh. They tour nationally and internationally, and offer engagement programs to a wide variety of community-based networks.

How to make leftover food last longer

The draw: Laughter and heart. An impressive achievement.

How long do leftovers last?

Its politics are progressive and its realization is skilled in many ways. Leftovers merits fandom.

Like Charlie. Like theatre.

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Someone who gets the rest of a guy after someone else has finished. Usually done by ugly people who can't find their own partners.

Liru's Leftovers! Episode 1

Sarah was rejected by every guy that her prettier friend had so she decided to go after the one ugly one and get her "leftovers". Leftovers unknown. The ugly friend of the hot girl. The one 97 percent of dudes wouldnt even consider hooking up with, but, 2 percent are glad any female with a twat between her legs will even look at them so they abide. The 2 percent who would either don't admit to sleeping with her or are butt ugly dudes rejected by the hot one first. Why am i always stuck with the leftovers? Bob: Cause you're destined to having the leftovers, you should have never tried to get with the hot one anyway, dude, look at you.

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Two guys talking on the phone together guy1 - "Dude I took that chick home last night man. When a woman is giving a man head and he hits the punching bag in the back of her throat with his penis making her vomit. John made Jen eat her Leftovers last night. Clapping them alien cheeks Nip Nops Brown Bear, Golden Shower