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  1. My breast cancer story: Judy's advice for other women
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  3. What All Awakened Women Should Know About Healing Breast Cancer - Vibrant Freedom by Cynthia Lamb
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My wrists were often sore and I had trouble rotating them into particular positions. It was difficult to lift my daughter and I could no longer accept feeling this way. Jeff Gould, an acupuncturist working in the Integrative Medicine and Digestion Center at Johns Hopkins, has seen this firsthand in his patients. For many, these alternative methods in self-care are a foreign concept. I shared my story online and through social media channels to help guide others experiencing similar situations. I met Jessica Beese Filloon through Instagram and was surprised how similar her story was to mine—she was in her early thirties, pregnant, and diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

While she was in treatment, Filloon wanted to integrate these natural methods of healing with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. So she returned to acupuncture and found more time to fit in her yoga practice.

My breast cancer story: Judy's advice for other women

Filloon began to experience the healing effects of yoga not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. It has helped me immensely with my limited range of motion from surgery and various aches and pains. Acupuncture eases so much of my anxiety and pains. For many cancer survivors, anxiety is the side effect that lingers well beyond the active fight.

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The fear of a recurrence can be debilitating. Wayne Jonas. Through integrative health, a patient can be empowered to activate their ability to truly heal. I was physically beat-up and emotionally struggling, and I felt almost as lost as I had when I was first diagnosed. Medication is a good first step, but I also needed to talk to someone about the complex emotions that I was feeling. I began to see a therapist and continued with yoga and acupuncture to combat both my physical and emotional pain. But the most effective thing for me in dealing with—and preventing—anxiety was the practice of mindfulness meditation.

At the very core of mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way. I found that last part particularly appealing. I had been through a very difficult experience, and it was difficult to come face-to-face with some thoughts that scared me.

Through meditation, I was able to acknowledge those thoughts without allowing them to consume me.

Christina Applegate

Stress is a fact of life. Mindfulness goes beyond the practice of meditation — it can alter the way we deal with stressful situations. By training the mind to slow down and pulling focus to the breath, the power that stress has over us can be greatly diminished.

What All Awakened Women Should Know About Healing Breast Cancer - Vibrant Freedom by Cynthia Lamb

Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar experienced firsthand the calming effects of meditation so she decided to study it. She was shocked to find that meditation actually changes the brain. Over eight weeks she watched four areas of the brain change as participants meditated for an average of 30 minutes a day.

The SBOs helped her constipation problems tremendously. She began having one bowel movement every day and lost twenty-two pounds.

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A big smile returned to her face. When my mom went in for another biopsy, not only was her blood work normal, but her cancer markers dropped dramatically. Because her largest tumor had shrunk by 52 percent, her doctors told her that they were postponing surgery. Once the diagnosis had been made, initial medical treatments, which consisted of massive doses of intravenous and oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, only exacerbated his condition.

Faced with his own battle to stay alive, Jordan searched the world for answers.

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He learned about the amazing dietary secrets employed by our ancestors that allowed them to live long, disease-free lives. Most of all, his consumption of beneficial microbes found in pristine soils helped him return to excellent health. But even greater than his own healing journey are the secrets of health and longevity that Jordan has gathered together for the benefit of all humanity. Primitive dietary essentials such as health-giving phytochemicals found in herbs and whole foods, the ever-important essential fats, and, of course, the role of soil-based organisms are all part of the healthy diet.

I truly believe the information in this work will form the foundation for your journey to super health or recovery from disease. Josh Axe DNM, DC, CNS, is a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get well using food as medicine and operates one of the worlds largest natural health websites: www. Axe is the bestselling author of the groundbreaking health book, Eat Dirt. I needed a byline, so I chose something I honestly believed: I am a work in process. I still believe that: I have the potential to learn at least one new thing every single day and my life will change in some way because of it.

If it is such a mistake, then how come I have always learned something from it? If a situation is such a negative event, how come it is teaching me a positive lesson?

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  • After losing three members of my immediate family within a seven-year period, instead of living in a state of depression and feeling defeated, I found a way to be optimistic. I found a way to survive. In fact, the simpler they are, the easier they may be to follow. If I had insight into the end result of all of my possible options when faced with a decision, then I could choose the one with the best outcome for me. I gather up all the relevant data, process it using my own brainpower — which is constantly being fueled by every thing in my past and present experiences — and I make the decision I believe will provide me with the best outcome… and a lesson for the next decision.

    Nine years after my original breast cancer diagnosis, I scheduled surgery to replace my original and expired saline breast implants with silicone ones.

    Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

    Before the surgery, my doctor ordered a breast MRI as part of a routine oncology appointment. I thought about my family history and all the places in my body where the cancer could be lurking.

    One week later, with sweaty palms and my heart racing, I sat in the exam room waiting for the results of the PET scan. The scan is perfectly negative. I let out an elephant-sized sigh and shook my head from side to side in disbelief. I stared at Pete, the man who just six months earlier had gotten down on one knee overlooking the Tuscan hillside and asked me to marry him, and I finally realized the reason why all the painful things had to happen. I lost my mother to spend more time with my father and I lost my father to get closer to my sister. I lost my breasts to understand the meaning of unconditional love — because after losing my parents and my sister, unconditional love is what I had finally found again, with Pete.

    Hi…I am Katya…I am here to let you know that now there is a way to get breast cancer help. You can connect directly to medical doctors researching to find a cure at curelauncher. Also, you can look at different clinical trials recruiting people providing free medical care to those who may not be able to afford it. I want to add something very interesting.

    The latest news suggests that there is a simple blood test that can predict the occurrence of the breast cancer. The Cellsearch blood test also there is another one blood test that predicts the re-currence of breast cancer. Many have seen their near and dear ones suffering due to this disease. It takes a lots of emotional support factor to make the patients feel normal. They always think that someone is neglecting them.