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Whatever she was, Georgie was of no mind to be referred to as this, as if she were some sort of refuse rotting in the gutter. As if you still ruled the seas. She realized what once had been a nickname of honor was now being bandied about like an insult. But why? And what had Colin done to deserve such vehement animosity? There was a time when you were too good for such common trash.

If anything, Georgie gauged there was an even greater animosity between the two of them—not unlike their namesakes. Romulus and Remus.

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She doubted any of these gentlemen, Colin included, would believe that she had any knowledge of classical literature, but she actually knew the story quite well. Hinchcliffe edged a bit closer to Colin, his chest puffed out.

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He could tolerate all the insults they wanted to sling at him. But even as he surged forward, fist balled into a solid hammer, a hand caught his shoulder and reined him back in. And not in an intriguing way. A party without me? How rude. You should try it, Hinchcliffe. Foolishness would be a tremendous step up for you and your colleagues.

You never know, you might find the change refreshing. With a slight shake of his head, Hinchcliffe made it clear that they were to hold their positions. And the pair did.

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Not that it surprised Colin; while the three outwardly worked like a pack, Hinchcliffe was their undisputed leader, though lower in rank. Very soon, we shall meet and finish what you started. Beside him, Georgie let out a loud sigh. When she turned and looked up at him, it was with something akin to admiration and.

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Nor was any other man in this room right for her. Colin sputtered, trying to come up with a reply. He burst out in a loud guffaw, bending over and clutching at his bottle-green waistcoat. His cousin glanced first down at her foot and then back up at his cousin, before breaking into new gales of laughter. Without hesitating, he reached out and caught his little Cyprian by the hand and started towing her toward the door.

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Her eyes sparkled with hope. And invitation. Oh no, he realized too late. She thinks I am going to accept her offer. Most definitely out of place. Not even if her body was ripe and lush. Her dress enticing a man both to view treasures so well exposed and to desire nothing more than to explore the real bounty hidden beneath its shimmering silk.


It brought with it that cursed whispering need to claim her as his own. Whatever she was going to say, she stopped, her shoulders straightening and her lips drawing a serious line of dismay across her rosy face. Colin caught her just before she stumbled anew on her high-heeled shoes.

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Of the nature of men? What had the brute been thinking to compel someone like Georgie to such straits? Please, go join your cousin, so I can get on with my business. They stared at each other in stubborn silence, neither willing to concede their position. Despite his resolve not to fall prey to her appealing offer, Colin still felt the lure of temptation dangling before him. She was a handful, a foolish handful.

Still, what could he do? Cart her out of the room and demand she stop practicing her trade? He took one last look into her dark eyes. Fear and desperation. Colin let him choke. As well as a thrashing from your former shipmates. You already know that. Just remember your task at hand, whatever it may be. Why, that dress alone marks her as a castoff. Temple was right. He did have greater concerns weighing on his shoulders. Lord have mercy on the lot of them. Years of observation and experience.

Colin glanced again in her direction, but the crowd was now too thick to find her. Just try to remember her clumsy manners and cherish the bruise on your foot.


Now she realized how hopelessly out of date it truly was. How right Colin had been to point that out. And how foolish she was to think a man that handsome would find her intriguing enough to take her to his bed. She cringed to remember.

About That Kiss (Heartbreaker Bay, #5) by Jill Shalvis

Cursing like some rough sailor, she probably seemed more fit for strolling about the docks. For despite his reassurances that he was a terrible rake, Georgie knew that whatever transgressions had earmarked him as a scoundrel and brought out the animosity of those officers, it was undeserved. Well, almost. Georgie cursed silently again. What did she know about flirtation?

What did she know about any of the arts of luring a man? Little to nothing. As she glanced at the rather desolate collection of men in the room, the latter option became very appealing. Colin was the handsomest man among them, though his cousin ran a close second. That was until the crowd parted a bit and two gentleman started sauntering in her direction. And one of them she knew. Uncle Phineas!

Egads, she thought, ducking behind a potted palm and peering out between the fronds. What is he doing here? And who could he be with?

Then it struck her who she was staring at. Her betrothed. Lord Harris. Who else could it be, given the looks of distaste and the wide berth the ladies were giving him? Georgie thought she was going to be sick. Her intended was a tall man, his face and limbs emaciated and yellowed. His scraggly shock of white hair was combed over in one direction so as to conceal his bald head.

The attempt failed miserably. He walked with a cane, which he used to poke at ladies who strayed within his reach. Georgie bit back the bile rising in her throat. If anything, seeing her intended buoyed her resolve to find a rake, but also imparted a new urgency to her search—she must find someone with all due haste and depart before Uncle Phineas spotted her.

The name is Paskims.